Summitline Forward Logistics consists of:

End-to-end order fulfillment; Inventory management and control; Cross-docking; Kitting; Integration; Order Consolidation; Staging; Custom packaging/re-packaging; Branding; Auditing, Labeling; Distribution/shipping.

At Summitline we perform these services in the capacity of a prime (Tier-1) or secondary (Tier-2) supplier.

Utilization of Summitline provides cost effective solutions!

  • Lower resource loadings and less administration
  • Higher efficiencies resulting from “right-sizing” for specific role and requirements
  • Faster handling, quicker “turns” for critical components and product
  • Reduced ordering interval, retention of capital budget dollars – longer
  • Ability to ensure that critical quality and performance metrics are achieved or improved


For customers looking for insurance or an alternative contingency plan, Summitline can manage your critical raw materials to provide a buffer for critical, short lead-time components or product.

To mitigate bottom line inventory carrying costs and support OEM “Just-in-Time” (JIT) manufacturing our customers ship product from their OEM(s) directly to Summitline with complete traceability for critical JIT inventory management, procurement and control.

Manage and control in-bound (domestic or international) multiple streams of 3rd party raw materials or semi-finished goods for order consolidation, integration, and staging.

For accurate real-time inventory auditing and tracking, Summitline’s warehouses are designed around a state-of-the-art electronic Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, fully integrated with RF handheld wireless bar-coding and scanning device technology.

We offer fully integrated EDI capabilities for both receipt of orders and customer order notifications and shipping status.